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Rashtrapati Bhavan : 01.10.2012

Gandhi Jayanti is an occasion for us to reflect on the life and contribution of the Father of our Nation. This is also a day to re-dedicate ourselves to Gandhiji’s commitment to non-violence. We need to imbibe wisdom from Gandhiji’s thoughts and actions to address the present day problems that confront our nation and society.

Gandhiji displayed a rare constellation of abilities. It was his quality of practising what he preached that made him the real Mahatma. Gandhiji understood the psyche of the people with his keen intuition and sensitive heart. By his charismatic mobilization of popular feeling he showed how an individual can bring social and political changes.

Mahatma Gandhi had an exemplary passion for justice and an indefatigable spirit of service to mankind. The hallmark of his personality was austerity and transparency. The essence of Gandhiji’s political philosophy was the empowerment of every individual.

Today, Mahatma Gandhi’s message of truth and non-violence needs to be internalized so that the world realises the futility of violence in achieving any objective. We need to find creative inspiration from Gandhian philosophy and embrace Gandhian spirit and values. The challenge before us is to individually and collectively emulate Gandhiji’s ideals of peace and non-violence, whose relevance has only increased.

Gandhiji’s ideas continue to transform diverse societies across the world. Let us draw upon Gandhiji’s philosophy and employ it in all walks of life. His message and example should give us the strength and inspiration to make sustainable changes that mankind needs for the future.

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, let us take a pledge to ensure that the Mahatma forever remains alive in our hearts, minds and actions.

This release issued at 1550 hrs.