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Rashtrapati Bhavan : 12.10.2013

The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee has sent his greetings to his fellow countrymen on the occasion of Dussehra.

In a message, the President has said, "On the sacred day of Dussehra, I extend my good wishes and greetings to all my fellow citizens.

Every year, the nation relives through the festivities of Dussehra, the memorable events of Valmiki’s sacred epic, as retold by Tulsidas, Kambar, Tyagaraja and many other devotees of Lord Sri Rama.

This festival is viewed as the vindication of ‘Dharma’ and destruction of ‘Adharma’. The life and deeds of Lord Rama and his message of right conduct and propriety continue to inspire generations of people all over the world.

The strength and resilience of Indian society lies in its plurality and diversity. Tolerance and pluralism are the principles which constitute the foundation of our secular fabric. We must, as individuals and as a society, work hard to foster the spirit of communal harmony and brotherhood. Let us engage in ceaseless efforts to establish and maintain peace and amity amongst the myriad communities that enrich our diverse society.

May this festival lead us onto the path of moral and ethical rectitude and usher in a new era of unity and fellowship.”

This release issued at 1145 hrs