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Rashtrapati Bhavan : 19.03.2015

Ten innovation scholars, two writers and two artists who were part of the two week In-Residence programme called on the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee today (March 19, 2015) on the eve of the completion of their stay in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Speaking on the occasion, all the participants in the In-Residence programmespoke emotionally about their experience. They informed the President that the programme has transformed their lives. Each one of them would carry memories of their experience in Rashtrapati Bhavan forever. All of them said that they have gained motivation and inspiration as a result of the opportunityto live in Rashtrapati Bhavan. They found it to be a great platform to incubate their ideas and meet experts from various fields. They expressed immense gratitude to the President for having initiated this programme and given them the opportunity to be part of the same.

Responding to the innovation scholars, writers and artists, the President described them ‘as creative minds’ and ‘doers’. The President said he had initiated the programme because he felt he should do something to support creative minds. His goal was to demystify the Rashtrapati Bhavan which despite several decades in public life in Delhi was a mystery to him before he became President.

The President said the In-Residence programme was part of a demystification exercise and an effort to nurture creative minds. A painting or a good book leaves a permanent impression on its viewers and readers. It transports them into a different world and its impact lasts for long years. Few people can create such an impact on others. Creative minds are the real leaders and benefactors of society. The In-residence programme is an effort to stimulate their capacity to create through an opportunity to stay together, contemplate and reflect in the serene surroundings of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The President expressed happiness that all participants had found the experience fruitful and enjoyed their stay. He was touched by the fact that some of the participants were as young as 14-15 years and staying away from home for the first time. He said Rashtrapati Bhavan is privileged to nurture such talented and creative persons who make important contribution to the progress of civilization and culture. The essence of democracy is the liberation of ideas and thoughts. True liberation can come only through creative minds and they must be therefore nurtured and supported.

The President concluded requesting the innovation scholars, writers and artists, especially the young amongst them, to remember in future when they are at the zenith of their creativity that"an old man once expressed his good will for your success”.

The innovators, writers and artists who were the part of two week long In-Residence Programme are:

Shri Vikram Sampath –Writer from Karnataka

Dr. Gayatribala Panda –Writer from Orissa

Shri Rajesh Kargutkar –Artist from Maharashtra

Shri Haobam Sanaton Singh –Painter from Manipur

Ms. Priyanka Mathikshara (15 years) – Innovator from Tamil Nadu who invented Super Stocker 3C a Ultra Model Dustbin

Master Diptanshu Malviya – Innovator from Rajasthan who invented Wrapper Picker 

Shri Mansukh Jagani – Innovator from Gujarat who invented Bullet Santi a Multipurpose Agriculture Machine

Shri Rai Singh Dahiya – Innovator from Rajasthan who invented Biomass Gasifier System

Shri Kamruddin Saifi – Innovator from Uttar Pradesh who invented Chaff cutter with clutch and brake system 

Shri T.S. Anand – Innovator from Tamil Nadu who invented Prosthetic knee for uneven terrain 

Shri Shantanu Pathak – Innovator from Maharashtra who invented Care Mother a Mobile Pregnancy Care Kit 

Shri Vikas Karade – Innovator from Maharashtra who invented 3D model generation from 2D X-Ray images 

Shri Mohanlal – Innovator from Kerala who invented a reversible Reduction Gear for Marine Diesel Engine and Z-drive propeller 

Master Sarthak Shukla (14 years)– Innovator from Uttar Pradesh who invented a cylindrical shaped refrigerator with rotatory tray 

The ‘In-Residence’ Programme for writers and artists and innovators was launched by the President of India on December 11, 2013 with a view to encouraging senior as well as young and upcoming talent by facilitating them stay close to nature in the picturesque and serene surroundings of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

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