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Rashtrapati Bhavan : 26.04.2016

The President met 13 inspired teachers from Central Institutions of higher learning who have been staying in Rashtrapati Bhavan under an in-Residence Programme from April 23 to 29, 2016.

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that these teachers were a truly talented and inspired lot who by their conviction, courage, knowledge and commitment to society had not only inspired themselves but were also igniting the potential of their students to help them make their contribution to the nation. The nation was therefore indebted to such inspired teachers.The President said that as Visitor to more than 114 institutions of higher learning, he has been emphasizing at every educational congregation on the need to improve the quality of education. He has been trying to find out as to how he can make his little contribution in raising the standard of quality of education in higher learning of this great country. Emphasizing on the importance of research and development, the President lamented that R&D expenditure as percentage of GDP is a mere 0.8% in India. Compared to that, it is 3.6% in Japan, 2.7% in the US and 2.0% in China. He said that augmenting investment in research is the need of the hour.

Secretary to the President, Smt. Omita Paul stated that if we do not have outstanding teachers, we will not be able to have good human beings. Teachers have a solemn duty to inculcate values and shape good character in their students.

The teachers who are staying at Rashtrapati Bhavan as part of the In-Residence programme for inspired teachers stated that this experience was truly enriching and they felt more confident about continuing to work in this direction. They were inspired to see many meaningful initiatives such as those for children, special children, senior citizens etc., in the President’s Estate and would like to take this spirit back to their respective campuses on their return. Through the programme they felt deeply honoured as it acknowledged the importance of teaching as a profession.

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