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I welcome all of you to Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

First of all I would like to congratulate you on your success in the difficult all India level competitive Engineering Services and Civil Services Examinations which speaks of your academic excellence,hard work & perseverance. You are entering into a long service career. At the beginning of that career you have all my best wishes. I wish success in your endeavour. I understand that you are all about to complete your one year academic training comprising of various technical, administration and field modules including, Army attachment and visit to Parliament as well as interaction with Bureau of Parliamentary Studies.

We on our subcontinent have a historic opportunity to become a beacon to the world at a time of greate conomic and financial distress. The future of this country is bright as it is going to be the one of the strongest economies of the world. Despite economic slowdown across the globe, we have registered the highest GDP growth in last fiscal. We must graduate to be self-reliant in weapon system and armaments so that we can build a safe, secure and progressive nation of our dream. Let us build this nation together with hard work, sincerity and innovation through the time tested values of the nation.

The nation whichwe are to build as civil servants, technocrats, scientists, educators and thinkers, has to be an India which will ensure a decent and fulfilling life to all its citizens. It has to be aswachh India, swasth India, a digitally-empowered India, educated and skilled India, and a tolerant, harmonious and peaceful India where the last person feels a part of the narrative of the country. My Government is taking many initiatives in this regard.

The Make-in-India campaign will boost manufacturing by facilitating easy conduct of business and improving competitiveness of domestic industry. The Start-up India programme will foster innovation and encourage new-age entrepreneurship. The National Skill Development Mission envisages skilling 300 million youth by 2022. I am sure, Ordnance factories have got a role to play in all these initiatives. In all the above, all of you has to play a meaningful role.

Defence Procurement Procedure has been streamlined with a focus on indigenously designed, developed and manufactured weapon systems and platforms. Defence Production Policy has changed with the concept "MAKE IN INDIA” with FDI limit increased to 49%. Private concerns are encouraged for defence manufacturing sector to make India self-reliant in defence preparedness of the country.We are working to ensure that our Armed Forces will be equipped with the most capable and sophisticated armaments in the world. The Ordnance Factories must lead these initiatives.

I am delighted to know that Indian Ordnance Factories Organisation has registered the highest all- time turnover of Rs 14132 crore in 2015-16 against target of Rs 13500 crore set by Raksha Mantri. Congratulations. I am sure, OFB will reach the set target of Rs 20000 crore by 2017-18.

I am happy to know that Make in India is happening inOrdnance Factories Board (OFB) with right spirit. OFB has indigenously developed the tactical game-changer 'Dhanush' 155 mm x 45 calibre Artillery Gun system. It has an effective range of 38 kms in the plains and has advanced day and night direct firing system. OFB has also become successful in the firing trials of 155 mm x 52 calibre artillery gunsand is fully capable to undertake the next generation of Artillery Platform. OFB surely can make the nation self-reliant in 155x52 Calibre gun systems.

I am also happy to know that OFB has successfully developed several new products, chief among those are the Pinaka Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher [MBRL] System, 5.56 mm modified Assault Rifle and 40 mm pre-fragmented anti-aircraft ammunition. OFB has further developed Reduced Danger Zone (RDZ) bombs for the Indian Air Force. For Navy, OFB has indigenized RGB-12 and RGB-60 rockets. OFB has plans to develop and manufacture Smerch Rockets, Pinaka Mk II, and the latest version of 84 mm Karl Gustav anti-tank recoilless rifle with tandem warheads.

I must say for all of you that it is an ideal workplace to sharpen your knowledge, hone your skills and earn varied experience. Notwithstanding above, the pride and satisfaction you will get from the fact that while producing quality arms and ammunitions, you are strengthening country’s Armed Forces and thus contributing to the national security preparedness. However, while trying your managerial and technical skills, never ever forget that every failed bullet or weapon, the life of a solider is at stake who is just performing the call on duty for the safety and integrity of this great country. It is not about producing arms and ammunitions only; it is about giving quality products, ensuring timely delivery and strengthening the hands of our Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces and Police Forces.

In today’s continually changing environment OFB must innovate itself to be competitive and relevant with time. OFB has taken many steps to meet the present challenges before it. Thus, you young officers are exposed to great challenges and I am sure that you are capable to meet the challenges with bright academic carrier blended with technical and managerial inputs during probationary training.

Tomorrowbelongs to you. Your commitment to national goals will determine the direction of our future growth. As you get ready to embark on the journey to fulfil your dreams, let me share with you my own little checklist for nation-building.

We work towards nation-building if:

-Produce more than we consume;

- We give more than we take;

- We work more than we idle; and

- We think more than we talk.

You may just find thischecklist useful.

I wish you all a great future and hope that you will spare no effort in contributing towardsbuilding an inclusive India,where each and every citizen of this great country will find fulfilment in every aspect of his life.

Thank you.