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Maharashtra : 15.04.2017

Ladies and Gentlemen.

2. It is indeed a very pleasant occasion for me to be present here today at Ahmednagar, as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, to award my Standard to Armoured Corps Centre and School, on this glorious and memorable day.

3. I compliment the brave men of the Armoured Corps Centre and School for their impeccable turnout and outstanding precision in the parade they displayed today. This distinguished Establishment has a glorious past, and rich tradition of professionalism and excellence in imparting training to the men of the Armoured Corps, the Indian Army and Friendly Foreign Countries. Since its inception in 1948, the Armoured Corps Centre and School has distinguished itself in service of the Nation. In recognition of its selfless devotion, professionalism and dedication to service the Nation honours it today, with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation.

4. Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, any Nation draws it strength from all elements of National Power, and the capabilities of its Armed Forces are a major source of National power. Although we are a peace loving Nation, we will use all instruments of National power in order to protect our sovereignty. I am confident that our brave soldiers will rise to the occasion, as they have done so in the past, to meet the challenges and emerge victorious.

5. Armoured Corps Centre and School completes 69 years of glorious service to the Nation and Armoured Corps. The Heroes of Armoured Corps whom we read of in Battles of Zoji La Pass, Khem Karan, Asal Uttar, Chawinda etc all got their basic and advanced training in this splendid Establishment. There is a famous saying that"It is the Men behind the Machine that matters most”, and it was proved time and again in all wars fought by India, that the superior training of our tank men enabled them to destroy our enemy in their sophisticated tanks. These victories would not have been ours, had the dedicated men of Armoured Corps Centre and School, which makes tankmen from boys, not done their task of training these heroes with utmost dedication and sincerity. It is due to the untiring and relentless hard work of the men of Armoured Corps Centre and School, that the Establishment is deemed to be a "Centre of Excellence” in imparting quality training to the Indian Army. I also take this opportunity to pay my homage to the gallant soldiers of the Armoured Corps, who made the supreme sacrifice in service of the Nation. The majestic War Memorial on far side of the Parade Ground, stands in mute testimony of our homage for the brave soldiers.

6. The Cavalry have evolved, and so have our Cavalry men. May your Sword always remain sharp and your morale sky high. In acknowledgement and recognition of its outstanding performance over decades, I am pleased to award "Standard” to Armoured Corps Centre and School. I am confident that the Centre and School will continue to strive for excellence with professional zeal and serve the Nation in the years to come. I also take the opportunity to compliment the men and families of Armoured Corps Centre and School, past and present. I wish you the very best for a glorious future.

Jai Hind