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Secunderabad : 19.12.2015

1. I am indeed very happy to have this opportunity of being present amidst you for the Convocation Ceremony of 96th Degree Engineering and 24thTechnical Entry Scheme courses. At the outset, I would like to compliment all the Graduating Officers for the successful completion of the course.

2. This convocation is a significant milestone in your academic growth. The degrees and awards earned by all of you are a result of your hardwork and dedication. This is a proud moment for all of you, as much as it is for your teachers, guides, faculty members and parents. Your quest for higher learning, which began in the portals of MCEME, will continue all through your professional life in the Indian Army. Learning is a never ending process and the firm foundation provided to you by your alma mater will empower you to explore new horizons in the field of Science and Technology.

3. Gentlemen, your graduation is the beginning of a very challenging journey. You live in an era where the pace of technology transition is so fast, that even as I speak, new concepts are being introduced, established paradigms are being re-defined and research is opening new vistas. The change being driven by pathbreaking research is both exhilarating and mesmerising. Your challenge would be to harness the latest defence technologies and ensure that the Indian Army benefits from these.

4. The history of warfare bears testimony to the decisive role of technology on the outcome of military conflicts. To maintain an edge in military capability over potential opponents, constant efforts are required to upgrade technology. Armed Forces and technology have been strategic partners, in developing and enhancing the defence capability of the nation.

5. As young technocrats, it will be your responsibility, to adapt the latest developments in the field of technology for use by the defence forces by accelerating the pace of military innovation. The nation will look upon you to define and modify the way defence forces operate, by using technological advances to provide a comparative edge over our adversaries.

6. MCEME is a truly unique institution, one which empowers the human resource of the Corps of EME with the highest levels of skills in Technology Management, imbibes best practices of present day engineering and also undertakes applied research for development of military systems. The canvas of training at MCEME is both wide and varied, ranging from basic training for Jawans to Bachelors of Technology and Masters of Technology Courses for the Officers.

7. I am very pleased to learn that the blueprints of training at this College have kept pace with both the security environment and technology advancements. The Faculty of Guided Weapon Systems & Associated Technology is a testimony to the foresight of the defence forces in aligning technology with their avowed objective of defending the nation.

8. Gentlemen, knowledge, which is the ultimate power, is emerging as the currency of the world in the present century. Your knowledge and enthusiasm will lead you to creative ideas and innovations, which will impact and improve the existing methods and systems. Your passion to accept and overcome challenges would empower you to achieve both national and organisational goals.

9. As young technocrats, you must remember that the Indian Army has been the torch bearer of many non-military innovations. I am very happy to note that both the Graduating courses have undertaken projects involving state-of-the-art technologies, ranging from Biometrics to Solar Power. The wide variety of projects will find use both in civil society as well as military fields. Military Technology has benefitted civil society immensely and its spin-offs have contributed significantly to nation building. I was extremely happy to know that on Army Day this year, the Prime Minister gave awards for excellence to eight projects of Indian Army, of which four were from MCEME. I am certain that all of you will continue this legacy and your tryst with technology shall continue.

10. Today, as you graduate I urge you to set for yourself a befitting goal and having done so, utilise your technical competence, skills and hardwork to realise it. I compliment all of you, especially the award winners, for achieving this personal milestone which, I am sure is a precursor to many more which shall follow.

11. In the end, I wish you all a rewarding and professionally satisfying career, good health, and success in all your endeavours. May God be with you always!