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Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi : 28.09.2012

Dr Shayama Chona, Founder of Tamana, Educators and the Students of Tamana Special School, I am pleased to welcome you here today.

This is indeed a special occasion as it gives me the opportunity meet and encourage a group that represents the differently abled.

Students of Tamana Special School,

You are very special children - of courage and determination. I have no doubt that the curriculum at Tamana must be challenging but I am certain that it is geared towards developing your strengths and sharpening your skills. The training that you receive will help you in overcoming impediments to develop your aptitude. It will make you skilled in various ways and, above all, it will help you to become self-reliant.

Once you have this independence, no force on earth can stop you or will ever be able to take away from you your abilities and your learning. You will have the blessing of self-esteem and confidence and the happiness of being a productive member of society.

I recognize, with appreciation, the initiative of Dr Shayama Chona, founder of Tamana and her dedicated team of professionals. You have together established and developed a very comprehensive programme of education, training and outreach which is now a network spread over several specialized centres.

I am aware that my predecessor, President Abdul Kalam inaugurated the Autism Centre in 2003. I am pleased to see that this has since grown in strength with many state-of-the-art facilities. I am also aware that the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and the Department of Social Welfare of the Government of Delhi have recognized Tamana and have been supportive to you in your activities and initiatives.

I understand that there is a carefully planned curriculum for the different age groups, for children from less privileged sections of society and 'open' schooling for disabled and out-station attendees. Equally impressive is the ''residential independence training" - as well as the day care facility being provided to these children. I am also very happy to learn that Tamana takes care to provide opportunities to the children for their recreation and creativity.

The training of parents and care givers is always critical as they can supplement or destroy the good work done by the professionals. A formal training is invaluable in sensitizing them on how they may give the best possible support to the special children. I am sure that Tamana must be giving this aspect due attention and providing regular programmes to help them to do their part.

I would always emphasise that along with teaching, emphasis should be laid on research and collaboration between institutions so that there is a regular cross fertilization of ideas and upgradation of knowledge and skills.

It is important for teachers to receive training and constantly update their methods. Hence I am glad to see that you have a teachers' training programme.

Dr Chona, I do see in the children and the educators around me a high level of motivation and enthusiasm. Your institution has set a high standard which other institutions can follow. I congratulate you on your dedication and your achievement. I am sure that your organization will grow from strength to strength as you provide a holistic developmental education to children with special needs.

With these words, I thank you all for your visit and offer you my best wishes for a bright and productive future.

Thank you.

Jai Hind!